Yes, ace-based high-standard ambulance Toyota Himedic was released in 1992. A V-eight engine (1UZ-FE) for first Celsior that a Hiace does not originally have the setting is put on the engine. I improve part of wagon at the same time and change three points of seat belts of the rear seat to the expression and I adopt a high-mount stoplight and add reinforcement of the safety and living saloon EX.
In 1993, I change the design of rear combination lamp and the rear garnish of face-lift and the wagon. Wagon DX becomes the face for the wagon from van commuter business than this minor change. I exchange a ball, and the head lamp of the van commuter is changed to the H4 halogen bulb of the expression at the same time by a shield beam. The emblem of the Hiace in accord with the vehicle front is abolished and changes it on a CI mark of Toyota.
A method of the 4WD is changed till then from the part-time type that misappropriated transfer of the cony system to the full-time type which does not have a center differential locking device, a vice-gearbox, and the front hub is connected directly with by a manual-free hub. The agony of the change disappeared, but the bad road run characteristics fell. The 2.0L gasoline engine (van commuter) is changed to the 1RZ-E type of the electronic control-style fuel injection (EFI) (the wagon is equipped after a model change) by a 1RZ type of the carburetor-style fueling. I found a 1KZ-TE type of the 3.0L diesel turbo engine with the product made in aluminum cylinder head while being based on L system in substitution for a 2L-TE type of the 2.4L diesel engine which continued being troubled by lack of torque and many troubles. As for the previous wagon, a 3L type of 2.8L was set for the 4WD which needed the torque of a 2L-TE type, the low rotary level 2WD, but it was a 1KZ-TE type to 2WD, 4WD.